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Special Thanks

  • At first we the web masters are thankful to the Principal Mr. R. D. M. P. Weerathunga under whose permission and guidance this web site was published. His message was a great encouragement to all of us.
  • We are particularly grateful to Mr. Mahinda Jayasekara and Mrs. H. A. A. Ambepitiya both Vice Principals of Thurstan College for giving us messages details and guidance in publicizing this web site
  • Our sincere appreciation goes to our coordinator Mr. I. W. Kapila Pradeep for invaluable advice and guidance we received from him. Indeed we are deeply indebted to him without his dedication our Web Site would not have been a success.
  • We must thank the Old Boys Union.The Junior Old Boys Union encouraged us to make this Web Site a success.Our heartfelt gratitude goes to them with deep affection.
  • Our thanks go to Teachers in charge of various Societies and Sports whose information are included in the Web Site.
  • We are thankful for the assistance given by the College Academic Staff.
  • A special thank you for the Non Academic Staff for their assistance.
  • We have not forgotten the assistance given by the Prefects Guild and our thanks goes to them very sincerely.
  • We are very thankful for the parents.
  • The Students are always with us and we thank them all.
  • Mr. Ranath Weligama who helped us in developing the Web Site and guided us with the Junior Old Boys Union Project Committee in making this Web Site a success. We are indeed thankful to him immensely.
  • We must thank Mr. Sandun Dalpatadu for helping us to get us the details and for correcting spellings and grammar in our Web Site
  • The assistance given by the Manager Old Boys Union is appreciated with thanks.
  • We are thankful to all the staff at “Informatics” in helping us to get the printouts of the web pages for proof reading.
  • We are grateful to all parents and family members of Web Masters’ Tharaka Lakmal, Chaminda Dhanuka and Sajith Eshan who have assisted in numerous ways in making our Web Site a success.
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