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2012 Sports Meet

Th Annual Sports Meet for the year 2012 will be held on Thursday February 9th at Thurstan Cricket Grounds at Prof Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha commencing at 1.30 PM.
The Chief – Guest will be the Distinguish Old Boy Lion Graetian Gunawardhana

Notable feature will be two distinguish Athletes of Public School fame in the late 1960’s are giving new Shields for the Champion & Runners-up house respectively

Champion House –

W.W. Dahanayake Memorial Challenge Shield
(Head Prefect 1960,Athletic Captain 1959,
Public School Coloursman 1959)
Donated by his family

Runners-up House

Dr Chandra De Alwis Challenge Shield
( Prefect 1961,Athletic Captain 1960,
Public School Coloursman 1959, Rugby Vice Captain 1960)
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