Swimming Pool

Fast Facts

Opened : 21st September 2000

Donated by Thurstan College Old Boy Mr. Gratian Gunewardena.

Total Cost: 12 Million

Total Length: 25m

Highest Depth: 4m

Lowest Depth: 1.2m

Diving Boards: 3m And 5m


Separate Pool For Kids

General Information

The Thurstan College or the Management Committee of the pool or Administration Staff will not be liable

A user of the pool or to any other person in the precincts of the pool for any damages arising from any personal injury however caused or,

The dependent, parent or guardian of any user of the pool or any or other person in the precincts of the pool in the event of death of such a person, however

caused, whilst in the pool are or in the precincts of the pool or,

For the safe keeping of valuables of the user of the pool or anyone accompanying them. The Management Committee will endeavor to provide lockers but not will not be responsible for any losses.

Not withstanding any of the above the rules and regulations, The Management Committee reserves to it self the right to amend, delete or add there to from time to time, any changes deemed necessary for the efficient administration of the swimming pool to ensure optimum benefit to its members or for any other reason.

The implementation of such changes may be effected directly by the Management Committee or through the Manager or any other authorized representative.

The pool will be closed on following Holidays

  • Independence Day
  • Day Prior to Sinhala / Tamil New Year Day
  • Sinhala / Tamil New Year
  • May Day
  • Wesak Poya Day
  • Rules an Regulations



    1. The Manager appointed by the Principal and Management Committee. will be responsible for the administration of the day today functions of the Swimming Pool.
    2. Any persons who wishers to obtain membership should on apply on the prescribed form available at the office. Duly completed application forms should be handed over to the pool office.
    3. The use of the Swimming Pool would be exclusively for members and their guests.
    4. All prospective members shall read through and understand all the rules and regulations set out herein and their obligation for compliance if accepted for membership
    5. Applications for student membership From students of Thurstan College, should be approved by the principal or his authorized representative.
    6. From students of other schools, should be recommended and signed by the principal of the respective school.
    7. The entry fees are are payable on approval together with the applicable subscription
    8. Acceptance of applications for membership will be solely at the desecration the Management Committee, who also reserves the right to terminate the membership of ay member for non – compliance with laid down rules and regulations or for any for other reason.
    9. After its scrutiny and approval a membership card will be issued once applicable fees and 2 stamps size photographs are submitted. This card will carry name of the member, member no, Category and Signature, Date of Expiry and will carry a photograph of the member. In the case of Family membership a card will be issued  to each member of that unit, whilst in the case of group membership, a specific number of cards will be issued to organization limiting the number of users of the facility per day.
    10. Membership of all categories other than Life Membership is renewable annually before the date of Expiry. In the event of annual membership subscription not being paid, member will not be permitted to use the facility. Those members who are 3 months in arrears would have their membership terminated automatically. Such members may be permitted to rejoin only at the sole discretion of the  Management Committee and on repayment of the entry fee and settlement of outstanding arrears.
    11. The  Management Committee reserves the light to revise the entry fee and the annual membership subscription rates without notice.
    12. In the event a membership card is lost / misplaced or damaged the member should immediately  inform the Manager in writing. to prevent misuse of such a card.
    13. A nominal charge will be levied for the issue of fresh card. 

    Pool Charges

      Entrance Membership VAT Total

    Life Membership




    Family ( Unit of 4 )
    Staff – Thurstan College





    Up to 25 person
    Each additional 25 Persons



    Pool Charges

    Charges Per Hour

    Local Schools


    International Schools






    Lane Ropes  (Per Lane per Hour ): 100.00
    Guest ( Adults ) If  accompanied by member only ( per swim ): 50.00

    Operational Information and Guideline

    The Pool will be open to members as follows :
    Monday to Friday –  6.00 a.m. 9.00 a.m.  –  4.00 p.m. 8.00 p.m.
    Saturdays Sundays – 6.00 a.m. 1.00 p.m.  –  2.00 p.m. 8.00 p.m.
    and Public Holidays

    The Facility may be closed to members occasionally when swimming meets and other events are held. No individual intimation will be sent to members but, general notice will be displayed at the pool office and or within the pool complex.

    The membership card should be produced to the manager or his authorized representative and the member should be sign his/ her name in the register kept for that for that on every occasion of use of the pool.

    Students members will not be permitted within the pool or its 6premises after 6.00 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent, Guardian or coach. Such parent guardian or coach will be required to accompany the student member in the pool or allow the student member to swim at the parents, guardians or coach sole risk. The Pool Management will not accept liability for any accident or injury to the member.

    All Schools making use of the group scheme should have their own teacher in charge and a qualified instructor present at all times. Utilization of the pool facilities will be by prior appointment and the discretion of the Management Committee.

    An adult member may be accompanied by guests up to maximum of 2 persons on the payment of the applicable guest ticket charges. It will be the responsibility of the member to ensure that such guest adhere to the laid down rules & regulations. Guest should also leave with the member who introduces them. Students Members are not permitted to bring the guests.

    Persons suffering from any infectious decease of epilepsy or having any open or bandaged wounds or suffering from eczema or any skin diseases or a running cold should not use the pool. In the event of any member violating this rule, the Manager or  his authorized representative will have the authorization to request such member to vacate the pool immediately. The Management Committee reserves the right to ask any user to produce a medical certificate from a Medical practitioner by the Committee, to prove such members fitness.

    Every user of the pool shall properly soap and shower before entering the pool and be clad in a proper and clean swimming costume every person with long hair shall wear cap while in the pool.

    Members or their guest should not change cloths on the terrace but, should use the dressing rooms for that purpose.

    The Management Committee has Authorized the Manager and the Staff the right to refuse a member or guest.






    Swimming as a sport was formally started at Thurstan in year 1962 under the guidance of the principal the late Mr.M.D.Gunawardane who introduced many new sports to Thurstan. The Thurstan College Swimming Club was formed in the same year and the first Master-In-Charge cum coach was the late Mr. Edison Silva who was also Master-In-Charge ofscouting at the same time. The first Secretary of the club was Mr.Bhathiya Seebert

    Swimming classes were conducted twice weekly at St.Joseph’s Swimming Pool and thurstan took part in all leading all island school & Public School Swimming meets that were held in the early and mid nineteen sixties. They also fielded relay & diving teams. During this period Thurstan produced many champion swimmers & divers of repute at that time like Gavin Amarasingha, Gamini Samarasingha, K.D Rohana and Ranjith Chandrasakara to name few. Among all of them Gavin Amarasingha was most out standing. Gavin set and held many records to his credit at the time including the best time for 1760 yards event in the national swimming meet in the year 1964 and he also become the 440 yards Public School champion in the same year. He also created history by winning the first every sea swim held in Sri Lanka both in the 2 mile and 6 mile in the years 1963 and 1964 which feat he repeated for many years

     Few years later Mr. Edison Silva went on transfer and Mr.Wijedasa, Mr.Soysa Mr.Boderagama Mr.Fonseka and Mr.Senavirathne took over as Master-In-Charge. After the pioneer batch of swimmers left school swimming at thurstan had a lean period where Ravi Livera excelled in the sixties

     In the year 1985 swimming at Thurstan was revived mainly due to the enthusiasm shown by Mr.Jagath      

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