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School Chess Tournament Achievements

In the recently concluded Colombo district inter school chess championship held on 22nd & 23rd of October, 2016. Our chess teams performed as below:

Under 9: Many of the team members participated in competitive chess for the first time in their life. We achieved 2 star category after being placed 18th from 49 teams.

Under 11: Again a very inexperienced team with only few members having experience in competitive chess. Here also we achieved 2 star category after being placed 23rd from 56 teams.

Under 13: Achieved 6th place among 57 teams. They were the only team other than Royal(who became first) to be undefeated over all 6 rounds(2 wins and 4 draws). They will be selected to the next round of the school tournament.

Under 15: Achieved 4th place among 32 teams. Leaving some of the better known teams such as Ananda, Nalanda and Lycium to bite the dust. They will also be selected to the next level of the school tournament.

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