Brass Band Western Band

Past Brass Band Leaders

Past Brass Band Leaders

Sandun Dalpatadu

1998 – 2000


Rajitha Wijewardena

2000 – 2002

Charaka Samarakoon

2002 – 2004

Brass Band Western Band

The Brass Band in 2000 – 2002

The Brass Band in 2000 – 2002


The Second Band Leader- Rajitha Wijewardena

The Brass Band in 2000 – 2002 Group Photo


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From Left to Right Seated –  Deputy Leader Kasun Peries, Teacher in charge Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpatadu, Leader Rajitha Wijewardena, Principal Mr. R. D. M. P. Weerathunga, Deputy Principal Mr. R. M. Jayasekara, Deputy Leader Charaka Samrakoon,Deputy Primary Principal Mrs. H. A. A. Ambepitiya,
2nd Row Standing – Lolitha Chandranath, Radika Dalpadatu, Monoj Nanayakkara, Kasun Fernando, Vije Kumara, Harshana Jayasinghe, Sajeewa Perera, H. P. Tharidu, Dilina Perera, Vijith De Silva, Sisura Randika Wijesinghe, Chammli Ambawatte,Shashika Wickramanayaka, Kasun Gimhana, Rushdi Niumadeen
3rd Row Standing – Chathura Deshappriya, Dimuthu Dananjaya, Reyshan Perera, Tharidu Rasanjaya, Jayaruwan, Jayaruwan Manapperuma, Vidura Amarakoon, Anuradha Prabath, Thilina Chathuranga, Esharn kandearachi, Yomal Ranjeewa, Kavish Wijesinghe, Anura Ranasinghe,Danuka Jayawardena, PravindaWeerasekara, Charith Ranasinghe, Anuradha Prabath, Sanoj Nanayakkar, Shashike Roopasinghe, Rajitha Wijewardena, Bevinda, Buddhika de Silva, Randimal.

Brass Band Western Band

The Brass Band in 1998 – 2000

The Brass Band in 1998- 2000



The First Band Leader Sandun Dalpatadu

The Inauguration Brass Band in 1998 Group Photo


From Left to Right Seated –  Teacher in charge Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpatadu, Deputy Principal Mr. R. M. Jayasekara, Leader Sandun Dalpatadu, Principal Mr. R. D. M. P. Weerathunga, Senior Member Mahela Liyanage,  Deputy Primary Principal Mrs. H. A. A. Abepitiya, Instructor Mr. Karunathilake.

2nd Row Standing – Kasun Fernando, Radika Dalpatadu, Heshan Fernando, Rajiwa Ekanayaka, Chammli Ambawatte, Asela Rajitha, Upul Prasanna, Sampath Premarathne, Monoj Thilaka, Kasun Pereries, Charaka Samrakoon, Heshan Perera, Manuja Galgamuwa.

3rd Row Standing –Yomal Ranjeewa, Weerasekara, Lolitha Chandranath, Kasun Gimhana, Anura Ranasinghe, Charith Ranasinghe, Rushdi Niumadeen, Anuradha Prabath, Sanoj Nanayakkar, Sshika Roopasinghe, Rajitha Wijewardena


The Senior Brass Band Group Photo (1999-2000)



Seated from Left to Right – Instructors W.O. 1 Nihal K.V.   Lieutenant S.A.P. Seneviratne,  Senior Member Charaka Samarakoon, Deputy Principal Mr. R.M. Jayasekara, Leader Sandun Dalpatadu, Principal Mr. R.D.M.P. Weeratunga, Asst. Leader Rajitha Wijewardena, Deputy Principal Mrs. H.A.A. Ambepitiya, Senior Member Kasun Peiris and Teacher In Charge Mrs. Kumudini Dalpatadu

Standing First Row Left to Right –  Vijith de Silva, Ravi Madarasinghe, Kushan Fernando, Rajiv Eknayake, Harshana Jayasinghe, Upul Prasanna, Gayan Muthumala, Manoj Nanayakkara, Chamil Abewatta, Madusha Senaratne, Radike Dalpatadu, Shahsika Rupasinghe

Back Row Left to Right – Kavindra Perera, Yomal Rangajeeva, Lolitha Chandranath, Sanoj Nanayakkara, Anuradha Prabath, M.M. Rashmi, Kasun Gimhana & Anura Ranasinghe

Absent- Heshan Fernando & Hashan Tharaka

Brass Band Western Band

History of Thurstan College Brass Band

Western Bands

The Senior Brass Band (Students from year 6 to 13)
The Percussion Band (Students from year 3 to 5)

The Inauguration of the brass band

The Brass Band was inaugurate in 1997 December 17th with a few students and with a few old instruments, under the guidance and coordination of the teacher-in-charge Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpatadu. The members of the band worked hard along with the first Band Leader Sandun Dalpatadu and the first instructor Mr. Karunatilake. Their first official performance was at the School Prize Giving in 1998

History of Thurstan College Brass Band

-The Brass Band of Thurstan College was inaugurated in 1998 December under the guidance of Principal Mr. R. D. M. P. Weerathunga. As teacher in charge Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpatadu took over the responsibility and since then fought its way through hard work as a team along with Instructors Lt. Seneviratne S. A. P. and W. O. I. Nihal K. V. for four consecutive years. Today our college Brass Band is one of the best among all the leading schools in Colombo.

The Brass Band team was formed under the 1st Band Leader Sandun Dalpatadu (1998 – 2000) and followed by Rajitha Wijewardena (2000 – 2002) as the Second Band Leader and now as the 3rd Band Leader Charaka Samarakoon (2002 – 2004) has taken over the duties.

At the zonal competition organized by the Education Department Western Music Unit in 1999, our college Brass Band became runner up. Since then they have participated in many musical events such as “Vivace Brass”, “Sprit of SPM”, “Twilight de Euphonious”, “Grandiosso”, “Nalanda Rhythms”, “Mahanama Brass”, “Brass Capriccioso” and” Prashanthi”. Year 2002 was a memorable year for our college Brass Band as we became the all island champions (boys category) from the all island Brass Band competition “Prashanthi “ organized by Ananda College Colombo.

“Thurstanite Brass 2000” is our own Band Display which goes on stage every two years as the fare well of the senior band leader and the welcome of the new band leader appointed. “Thurstanite Brass 2000” was organized to go on stage at “Nawaranghala” on 8th April 2000 as farewell function of the 1st band leader Sadun Lakmikea Dalpatadu (1998-2000) and to welcome the new leader Rajitha Wijewardena (2000-2002). It was also organized as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the College.

The chief guest for this musical evening was our distinguished old boy Mr. Graetian Gunawardena, the downer of our swimming pool.

The 2nd musical event “Thurstanite Brass 2002” was held on 8th of June 2002 at the “Elphinston Theatre” under the distinguished guests, Hon. Suranimala Rajapakse ( Minister of school activities) and his worship Prasanna Gunawardena the Mayor of Colombo. At this event the duties of 2nd leader Rajitha Wijewardena was handed over to the 3rd Leader Charaka Samarakoon (2002-2004).-

Brass Band News Archive Western Band

Thurstanite Brass 2006 – “Echoes of the Frozen Empire”

Thurstanite Brass 2006, Indoor Band Display organized by the Senior Brass Band of Thurstan College is due to go on stage on 15th July 2006 at B.M.I.C.H. Colombo 07.
Being committed to the well-known traditions set by the brass band in previous years, Thurstanite Brass 2006 will also mark the farewell of the present bandleader and the welcoming of the new bandleader. In addition, the event will be a major fundraiser for the maintenance of the band. Thurstanite Brass 2006 is well known to gather novel talents across the country by inviting all major schools in Sri Lanka. 
This is the 4th Band Display organized by the Senior Brass Band. This year’s theme will be “Echoes of the Frozen Empire” which will depict a beautiful backdrop of an inside scenery of an 11th century gothic castle in winter. Similar to the band display organized in 2004, there will be a range of entertainment items, which will include, dances, singing and multimedia presentations. 
There would be dances by the famous dance troupe, Antonio’s Dance Circle lead by Mr. Tony Fernandez, which will include a beautiful Viennese waltz for an instrumental from the renowned Harry Potter movie, and a Hip Hop/ Freestyle dance. In addition, students from Colombo’s prominent school of dance, Deanna School of Dancing will grace the occasion with a ballet to the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty”. 
We would welcome any help given to us by you to make this event a roaring success. However, our main request to you is to come see our show and enjoy the evening. Tickets are priced, Rs. 500.00 and will be available from June at the College OBU office and the Swimming Pool Office. We would promise you an enjoyable and at the same time a memorable evening. Therefore, do accept our invitation and come see our show as this would be an event that should not be missed. The ticket you buy will contribute towards this event and towards maintenance of the instruments. It would be a contribution to your own school and you will have a memorable evening to remember. It would be an evening that would certainly go down in history books as one of Thurstan’s finest moments.     

Brass Band Western Band

The Brass Band in 2002 – 2004

The Brass Band in 2002 – 2004


The Third Band Leader- Charaka Samarakoon

The Brass Band in 2002 – 2004 Group Photo



Brass Band Western Band

Western Band – Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Runners up at the Out – Door Interschool Colombo Zone Band Competition Organized by the Education Department in 1999 under the Band Leader Sandun Dalpatadu.

Champions at the All Island Indoor Band Concert “Prashanthi” Boys category in the year 2001 under the Band Leader Rajitha Wijewardena

Champions at the All Island Iindoor Band Concert “Prashanthi” Boys category in the year 2002 under the Band Leader Charaka Samarakoon.

Brass Band Western Band

Junior Western Band

A Western Band was inaugurated in 1982 at the primary school by Miss Kumuduni Perera, with 40 members. The band was reinstalled  by Mrs. Carmen De Silva in 1993.


-Junior Western Band in 1993-


The Junior Western Band was re-inaugurated in the year 1997 by the Teacher in Charge Mrs. Kumudini Dalpatadu.

Thurstan College Junior Percussion Band 2002

From Left to Right Seated –  Teacher in charge Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpatadu, Leader Shanaka Perera, Deputy Principal Mr. R. M. Jayasekara,  Principal Mr. R. D. M. P. Weerathunga, Deputy Leader Divantha Udara,, Deputy Primary Principal Mrs. H. A. A. Abepitiya,
Middle Row – Kushal Dilshan, Tharidu Shanilka, Chamode Jayasooriya, Dihan Karunarathne, Indul Welimanna, Danushka Bandara, Lakshan Wananasinghe, Nipuna, Vindike, Tharidu Kelum, Dulaj, Varuna Lakmal, Ifrad Aziz.
Back Row -Sandaka Cabral, Gayan Lasantha, Pushpika, Aroshana, Lakshan De Soysa, Rajith Hasith, Gajitha Vibuthi, Kemitha Jayamaha, Omesh Perera, Ramith Jayasooriya, Dimanke Salgado, Pasidu Tharanga, Chamila Madshanka, Sanddaru, Chanuke, Priyashan, Duleepa Waranjeewa, Mahesh Thimira, Tharidu Shanilka.
Brass Band Western Band

The Instructors

-The Instructors-
The First Instructor: Mr. Karunathilake from the year 1998 – 1999  
The Present Instructors:     Lt. Senevirathne S. A. P. W.O.1 Nihal K. V. Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Kumuduni Dalpadatu.