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History of Society

Thurstan College Drama Society by the name of ' Thurstan Ranga Kattiya' was established on 28th November, 1997. Motivated by an idea from the student Gihan Ranga, official inauguration took place with the guidance from Mr. Janakantha Edmund as the new coach of our highly spirited team Mr. Wasantha Gahanapriya lead us towards many victories. Since beginning we have won in many drama festival such as

      1. Rajya Lama Natya Ulela

      2. YMBA Drama Festival

      3. All Island Environmental Drama Festival

      4. Annual Drama Festival organized by the Educational Department

      5. Annual Drama Festival organized by the Water Board

In the 2003, with the guidance of our new coach  we changed our name to ' Peter Pan Theater Group' Mr. Chamika Hathlahawaththa